For The Fighters foundation is a 501(c)3 pending organization dedicated to changing the stigmas and struggles of PTSD and helping others cope with daily implications.  We provide community support by having events focused on bringing Veterans and military personnel together for fun gatherings, and supported outings.  We hope to form bonds so other feel they are not alone and have an outlet in hopes we can change the suicide rates in Veterans. We are fully dedicated to providing grants for services, such as, service animals and rehabilitation services.  As well as, providing support for families that are in need of strength during difficult times. 

Through our blogs and newsletters we hope to educate others about PTSD.  This affects family members, as well, so we feel it is important to offer information and services to everyone to help save the 22.  Please inbox us if there are any concerns you may have or if there is any advice needed.  You are not alone!

Thank you for taking the time to show your support.  If you or someone are interested in our grant services, please send us an email at stating what you are interested in, and a little blurb about the person you are writing about. 

The willingness of America’s Veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned our lasting gratitude.
— Jeff Miller


Jennifer, President

For The Fighters was founded on a dream and a passion.  Lives are being lost, taken for granted, and not appreciated in our Military, and something has got to change.  After meeting lots of Veterans over the years, and loosing too many, my mission became clear during a career change after graduation.  What I thought I wanted to pursue, turned out to be superficial and did not get to the core of what Veterans needed. 

I am a wife to a Marine and a mother of two boys.  After graduating with my BA in psychology, I enrolled into grad school for a MA in clinical psychology.  I have dedicated my life to changing the stigma surrounding posttraumatic stress disorder in hopes to #savethe22.  While I know the number surrounding veteran suicide is changing, I feel as if he number 22 is important to remember for it is where we are trying to descend from and we cannot go back.