Meet Stacy Rose.....

The past few months, we have made some great contacts to help us with our cause!  There is one individual in particular that we are excited about for she brings a different flare and broadens our outreach to help Veterans with PTSD. Stacy is absolutely amazing and is a BIG supporter of Veterans and our cause at For The Fighters.  She is also an expert in essential oils and a mother of a Veteran.

It is important to know that everyone copes differently with PTSD and we want to share all resources we can to save the 22 with hopes this could open up avenues not yet tried and to educate others on different options available.  This is not medical advice and we do not recommend stopping medications without a doctors permission.

Without further adieu, please meet Stacy Rose......


Hello!  My name is Stacy Rose.  I am a wife and mother of three TEENage daughters. My oldest daughter gives me my proudest title of Military Momma.  Go Navy, hooyah!  Her younger sisters both plan to follow in her footsteps but undecided on which branch.  It is looking like the Army and possibly another Sailor in our future.  


I would like to share a huge part of my life with you- my essential oil journey, how essential oils have changed my family’s world and supported us in many different ways.  


I have always been fascinated by natural health and alternative medicine.  When I first learned about essential oils, sometime in 2013, I thought this is definitely something I want to learn more about.  I turned to the internet… you know, Dr. Google and Dr. Pinterest? I bet you have googled a symptom or an ailment before so you know the amount of information was endless.  I would read and scour the internet for information.  I did learn a lot of general information but what I didn't learn in my research was to be choosy about the oils I wanted to use for my family.  I didn’t read the article about why we want to be certain we are purchasing a pure/potent essential oil.  I went to the mall and purchased some "essential oils".  I thought, oh... these smell so lovely and I used them topically, for house cleaning and other general uses.  It wasn't until two years ago, when I met with a close friend, I learned the term CPTG and how important this was in the role of choosing an essential oil.   This was also about the same time we were gearing up my oldest daughter for her basic training.  


CPTG- CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE.  Again, essential oil potency and purity are hugely important.   I later learned the medicinal value essential oils can have on our bodies, the emotional support we can receive with essential oils or even immune support, respiratory support, hormone support, every system in the body.  I was truly amazed.  I learned quickly how stressful the military can be for families and leaned heavily upon my essential oils for emotional support.  My personal story and how I became involved in sharing essential oils is primarily about hormone support and my twenty year journey to find it.  I went to a handful of different doctors and never really found a solution to my symptoms before using essential oils to support my health.   Now, I am able to maintain healthy lab work.  I feel better then I did in my twenties.   There is an essential oil protocol for whatever you may be struggling with and it would be my honor to talk with you about how you can achieve better health and overall wellness, too.  Yes, there IS an oil for that…  and my mission is to help you.  


Now, I educate others about essential oil use and safety, share how my family uses essential oils and how you can care for your own family with essential oils.  I teach essential oil is found in the seed, bark, stems, roots, flower or petal and other parts of the plants.  They are distilled from the plant in a highly concentrated form.   It is important to know the three different ways to use essential oils.  My family use essential oils daily, some as needed.  We use all of our essential oils topically.  This is the most common use and your skin is the largest organ of the body.  We have diffusers which suspend the essential oil into molecules in the air and we breathe these while going about our day.  When you breathe essential oils in through the nose, they cross the limbic system which is associated with the emotions tied to the memory center of the brain.  We ingest some of our essential oils.  When oils are safe to ingest, you will find a supplemental facts guide on the bottle.  All three uses will allow the oil to enter into the bloodstream in minutes and circulate through your entire body.  Essential oils know where they are needed and how to support the body.   We have eliminated over the counter medicines and working on eliminating the last few prescriptions , with our Doctor’s guidance.  We overhauled our medicine cabinet, our cleaning supply closet and often cook our favorite meals or add essential oils to a cup of tea or glass (glass or stainless steel, only) of water as a healthy flavor enhancer.  Essential oils have lightened our toxic-load and our budget.     


One of my very favorite essential oils is wild orange essential oil. Have you ever peeled an orange?  You can see the oil spray from the rind if you squeeze or bend it.  That was an essential oil experience!  Wild orange essential oil is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit.  The main constituent of wild orange essential oil is limonene and is also high in monoterpenes.  Limonene is primarily known for its stimulating and powerful cleansing properties.  Monoterpenes assist with ridding the body of toxin and “rebooting” your DNA.  You can use wild orange essential oil in three different application methods listed above.  Wild orange essential oil will energize and uplift the mind and body and yet at bedtime, wild orange essential oil can help with an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep.   Research has shown wild orange essential oil can be used as a non-pharmaceutical approach to PTSD.  Wild orange essential oils is a more economical choice with less adverse reactions, as well.   Wild orange essential oil is such a versatile and inexpensive essential oil, we have a bottle in almost every room in our home.  (Note: wild orange essential oil may cause photosensitivity when exposed to sunlight within 12+ hours.  If you will be in direct sunlight directly after use, it is recommended to apply to the bottoms of your feet.)


Essential oils have been a great blessing in my life and have been the answer to many of my family’s health concerns.  You can find answers to your family’s needs, as well.  If you have a specific need or want information on how you can get Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils in your home, please feel free to email me at: or call/text 419/438-6124.  You can find me on Facebook as SOS to Wellness Essential Oil Team and Instagram as SOS2Wellness.