Where it all started......

About two years ago, a very good friend took his life.  He was in the Army and became 100% disabled after he got out.  He was the life of the party, a good friend, and a hard worker.  He would be the first one to help you out with anything.   We can never listen to The Boys 'Round Here by Blake Shelton the same again.  That was his anthem; he was a redneck patriot from Alabama and proud of it!!!

While this is not the first friend we have lost, I couldn't help but dwell as more details surfaced.  The night he took his life, he had a person close to him over for a while and then he called a hand full of people, to no avail.  Granted it was probably 2 a.m. or so, I cannot help but wonder what it was that he wanted to say to people.  I wonder if just one person answered the phone, if things would be different..... if he had other resources, would it help him? 

It was at that point, I knew there had to be more we can do for our Veterans.  Something had to change...... 

We wanted to create something that Veterans with PTSD could turn to.  An organization that educated Veterans and their families, that gave grants for service animals and rehab services, and to bring Veterans together so that they will never feel alone or isolated.  So, after months of research and planning, mostly at Monette's, we launched For The Fighters the first half of this year! 

It's been a great year so far........our mission keeps growing and so does our passion.  We started off the year strong with lots of support and participants during our fundraising events!  We are so thankful for all of the support, and the crew at Monette's for being a huge part of our success. 

I hope that we can count on your continued support!  Without the community, we can only go so far in our mission to save the 22.  We rely on the generosity of others to keep our mission alive, to bring Veterans together, and to do more fundraising.  Thank you for all of your support...


The biggest, and most obvious, way to help Veterans is to donate to the cause.  By donating, we can accomplish more for those in need. 

Another way to help is to share our cause.  By sharing our cause with others, the presence of our mission will be continued.  We can educate others about the implications of PTSD, give Veterans an outreach when it is needed, and can bring the community together for a cause to #savethe22!  The more our cause is shared with others, the greater the outcome will be in reaching a better tomorrow!  We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.... Please follow us and share our pages!

A third way that helps is to purchase our products.  Just like social media, the more our cause is in the community eye, the more people will want to know about it.  This will give us a snowball effect and will continue to educate others. and spread awareness to this silent killer 

We hope to spread awareness indefinitely, but we cannot do it with out the community support.  It is because of you, we are where we are in our mission, and we cannot thank you enough!!!


If you or someone you know needs support, advice, or would like to get on our waiting list for services, please email us at info@forthefighters22.org.


Limited Time Products found here: https://fundly.com/support-our-veterans-3