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On April 6, 2019, we will have our first annual gala to spread awareness for Veteran Suicide. All proceeds go to the efforts of For The Fighters in combating this silent killer. It is up to us to be the voice for those going through internal battles not said. Together, we can save the 22 and bring happiness back into lives.

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For The Fighters, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that provides services for veterans with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), disabilities, and at-risk behaviors. This service includes the use of funds for support and aid through the need of trained service dogs, rehabilitation services, group events building bonds in natural elements, and fundraising purposes.  On average, 22 Veterans a day commit suicide in America due to their daily struggles with PTSD or TBI.  While this number is always changing, we feel the number 22 is significant to this issue and very important to remember so we can continuously work to decrease this number. 



We pride ourselves in making life’s challenges easier by eliminating barriers caused by Posttraumatic Stress to make our clients’ everyday life fulfilling, and empowering them by gaining confidence


Our Services:

Group setting events so many can recover together

Provide Service Animals to those with PTSD

Rehab Grants


Coping Skills

Life Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Please contact if you are interested in any of our services. Free to all Veterans.


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